This project aims to provide a fully functional GUI [and command line] interface to control the "USB LED Message Board v1.0" HW, by dreamcheeky.

Main Features:
- Server/Client model: allows multiple users/multiple instances to be run at the same time, on the same machine/over the network
- Gui/Command line modes: command line clients can be run from scripts that interface with the server. Gui interface allows interactive user control
- GUI Client Interface: allows view of current server state, queue new text/images to scroll, delete existing queued items.
- GUI Server Interface: allows management of current user list
- GUI font editor: allows creation of custom character fonts
- GUI image editor: allows the creation of bit images that can be sent to the display
- Cross platform: Windows/Linux supported


Download Link


Client Tab
GUI image

Server Tab
GUI image

Font editor tab
GUI image

Image editor tab
GUI image


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